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Welcome to our Nursing Podcast

Welcome to Why We Care, the nursing career podcast from the people of Cygnet Health Care. We created this podcast to help and inspire nurses with advice, insights into working practices and stories from our staff, service users and patients.

We called this podcast Why We Care because caring for others is at the heart of nursing. It truly is a life changing career. Thanks for listening, it means a lot to us.

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Stories. Opinions. Advice

At Cygnet, we’ve been changing people’s lives for more than 30 years – thanks to our wide range of high-quality health services. Our care has our patients and residents at its heart and their wellness as its goal. We’re always set on positive, lasting outcomes.

Why We Care

We’ve spoken to a lot of nurses, patients and service users this year and we wanted to share some of those conversations with you. In Season 1, staff, patients and service users tell us what caring, and being cared for, means to them. Why did they get into nursing? What advice and experiences do patients and service users have for nurses? And how can you care for your career when you’re busy caring for others? These are just some of the questions answered in Season 1.

How We Care

It takes a lot to care for people in need, especially when times are tough. Covid challenged everyone in society, health and social care in particular. What can be learnt from those challenging times, and what can you take from those experiences? We spoke to nurses, and their colleagues, across the country to find out. Welcome to Season 2 of Why We Care: The Nursing Career Podcast from us all at Cygnet Health Care.

A Passion for Nursing

Working within mental health isn’t always easy. But Nursing is more than a profession. To our Nurses, it’s their calling. Their passion is to care for people who need their support. For Season 3 we spoke to Nurses who have worked at different locations across Cygnet to find out how their passion keeps them motivated and engaged with their work, every day of the year.

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